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I am heba
i made this blog to share the colors of my life
"shawol,ELF& exotic <3
feel free on my blog <3

thts just owsome 

17/100 why perfection is better than cure | incredible hyun~

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me trying to cook…
it ends up well… i guess lol… it was super sweet !! ~T_T~♬♬

i’m shawol … and i love sm town.. i dd this in rush.. i was waitting fir the car lol ..
love thm any way

i #hate needles …

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I don’t even like tomatoes!

But this recipe for shakshuka from no-more-ramen is AMAZING!!!!

*drooling everywhere*

shakshuka is libyan >

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the words on the jacket says”الجيش الليبي” “libyan army” loooooool
i am from libya .. thats so awkward .. ♬♬♬◑▂◐

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